About Us

Awesome Librarians is all about book inspired products that are made for all those connected to education or library in any way. Our shop is a heaven for avid readers, teachers, and librarians. We know what connects with your heart and mind and we strive to bring to you products that make you smile!

From book lovers and education enthusiasts to you. Awesome Librarians started out of nothing but a pure love for books and education. We love, appreciate, respect, celebrate, and promote education and book reading in every way possible. We also enjoy the fact that we are able to connect with the most awesome people: you and all other librarians, teachers, and passionate readers!

The goal of Awesome Librarians is to promote love for books, libraries, and education. We do this directly by offering book and education-related products and also indirectly by allowing our customers to proudly boast their received goods. In a unique and creative way, we are expanding our love for books, libraries, and education!

At Awesome Librarians, you will find a delightful variety of book and education inspired products. We have shirts and tees featuring book related quotes or witty taglines, and we also sell home and living items like mugs, necklaces, posters, bookmarks, and much more. We are constantly expanding our range, adding new and exciting items regularly. Our tagline says The World in Pages, and that’s exactly what we’re doing. We are creatively reflecting books and education on miscellaneous items!

We hope you love our witty, intelligent, and creative range of products just as much as we do! Shop the Awesome Librarians online store today. If you have any questions or concerns at all, feel free to contact us!